Friday, March 2, 2012

Old Window Wall Art

Hi! I’m here with another Pinterest Project! This is so fun.

So, I saw on Pinterest this wall art made with an old window.

Goodness it’s soooo cute. I totally followed the tut on the original posters blog. 

I needed to make this for my bedroom! So, I did just that! I called my friend Kathy who makes art with old windows and asked if she had one she was not using…she did! Yea! Thanks Kathy!!

The colors in my bedroom are brown and teal…so those are the colors I used. And of course I made this a Hybrid project by just using my digital scrapbooking stash! I just found some digi papers that I liked and printed them in the sizes I needed for my window. All the papers I used were from the GingerScraps store. I love using my digi supplies like this!

So, here is my window. I also used some wooden knobs I already had, not as cute as the original posters knobs, but still cute. I glued buttons on the end of the knobs to make them a little more jazzy. I am one of those girls that likes to use what I have..not that I don’t like to go out and buy more goodies at the craft store…lol..but it gives me pleasure to use supplies I already have in my craft closet.

So, here is my window hanging right on my bedroom wall.

001e copy

Now, I just need to make some more fun projects to hang all around it! I’m sure I will find lots of great ideas on Pinterest! LOL!

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Have a crafty day!



Herb said...

That old window defied its second-hand state with the artwork designs. I wonder if I can do the same with mine. My old attic's window would be the perfect canvas for that kind of artwork.

Herb Koguchi

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