Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hello Kitty Costume

Hey Ya’all! I just wanted to pop in a share with you my cute little Halloween costume. My friend Jen and I were Hello Kitty for Halloween. We made the costumes ourselves and it was super easy. Yes, I know Halloween is over Smile but pin it now and use the idea later! Here I am in my cute Hello Kitty Costume.

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It was really easy to throw together. We got a white t-shirt at Target for $6.00. Used some craft paint to paint the face on. Added a felt bow and the shirt is done! Then I made another felt bow and stuck it on a headband. Stuck on a pink TuTu which you can totally make super easy, we were lucky because our cheerleader had worn the pink tutus for Oct for Breast Cancer Awareness, so I just used one of theirs. I wore leggings underneith and my black Ugg boots, and some pearls and of course some eyelashes! I love eyelashes and Halloween is a good excuse to wear them! Oh and don’t forget red lipstick!

The rest of my family was not so cute..My daughter was a scary zombie, she got a nightgown at the goodwill and did all her own makeup! The contacts were her big splurge, but she will wear them again.


Creepy huh! She is like one of the characters from The Walking Dead!

My husband and 7 year old were Zombies too…


My 5 year old wanted to be a MotoX guy…so that was easy…lol. He just wore his riding gear!

I love Halloween.

TTFN! TaTa for now!


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