Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My Project Life/365/52 Pages for 2015 So Far!

I am back on the Project life/project 365/52! I didn't do it last year and i am so sad! I guess I will have to go back and catch up! But, for now I am going to keep up with my weekly layouts for 2015! So, I will share what I have so far as of today! Everything I use for my digi layouts is from GingerScraps.

Week One
I used the 2015 January by, Connie Prince at GingerScraps,
the kit includes the pocket template also!
The basketball elements were from a kit called Go Team from a few years ago at GS.
Week Two/River
I used the Project 2015 January by, Connie Prince at GingerScraps here too.
The nature and adventure elements were from Camp Out by Connie Prince.
Week Two
I used the Project 2015 January by, Connie Prince at GingerScraps here too.
The tea and Good Morning elements were from a kit called GoodMorning at Gingerscraps.
Week Three
I used the Project 2015 January Mega Stash by, Connie Prince at GingerScraps here too.
Week Four
I used the Day by Day 1by, Dagis Temp-Tations at GingerScraps.
The Feb 2014 Kit by Connie Prince, and the Project 2015 Date Pack by, Connie Prince at GS.
Week Five
I used the kit Right Here, Right Now, Today by, Inspired Designs
and the Day by Day Templates 1 by Dagi's Temp-Tations at GingerScraps 
Week Six
This week I used the kit I am Happy by, Just Because Studios, The Feb Daily Download
at the GingerScraps Blog.
Day by Day 2 Template by, Dagi's Temp-Tations at GingerScraps.
Week Seven
I used the kit Right Here, Right Now, Today by Inspired Designs at GingerScraps.
The Day by Day Template2 by, Dagi's Temp-Tations at GingerScraps.
A few sports elements from Go Team Basketball by, RosyToes Designs and
Batter Swing by Connie Prince. (My Stash)
                                         I hope you are keeping up with your weekly layouts too!
Take my word for it, you will be so glad at the end of the year when your whole book is ready to go                                        to print! Have a great day!! Go make some memories!
                                                                      Love, Julie

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Liquor Bouquet

Hi lovelies,
So...on Sunday we celebrated my daughter Kayla's 21st Birthday! We went to visit her and had a wonderful weekend :)

Since it was a "special" birthday I made her a really fun gift to celebrate her being "legal" LOL! 

It's a Liquor Bouquet! 

It was super fun and easy to make and really I didn't have to buy anything except the liquor and the shot glasses...everything else I pilfered out of my Mom's craft room and my stash :)

I used a basket, some floral foam, dowels, silver spray paint, black craft paint, gold and silver tissue paper, a feather boa, some cardboard that I cut into letters, some silver and gold curly ribbon, some silver sparkly do dads, a little wooden sign, hot glue and glue sticks, mini liquor bottles and shot glasses. 

I just glued the little bottles and shot glasses onto some dowels with a hot glue gun and stuck them into some floral foam in the basket. Then added some feathers and other sparkly do dads and a little sign.
Kayla loved it :)


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hello Kitty Costume

Hey Ya’all! I just wanted to pop in a share with you my cute little Halloween costume. My friend Jen and I were Hello Kitty for Halloween. We made the costumes ourselves and it was super easy. Yes, I know Halloween is over Smile but pin it now and use the idea later! Here I am in my cute Hello Kitty Costume.

3 2

It was really easy to throw together. We got a white t-shirt at Target for $6.00. Used some craft paint to paint the face on. Added a felt bow and the shirt is done! Then I made another felt bow and stuck it on a headband. Stuck on a pink TuTu which you can totally make super easy, we were lucky because our cheerleader had worn the pink tutus for Oct for Breast Cancer Awareness, so I just used one of theirs. I wore leggings underneith and my black Ugg boots, and some pearls and of course some eyelashes! I love eyelashes and Halloween is a good excuse to wear them! Oh and don’t forget red lipstick!

The rest of my family was not so cute..My daughter was a scary zombie, she got a nightgown at the goodwill and did all her own makeup! The contacts were her big splurge, but she will wear them again.


Creepy huh! She is like one of the characters from The Walking Dead!

My husband and 7 year old were Zombies too…


My 5 year old wanted to be a MotoX guy…so that was easy…lol. He just wore his riding gear!

I love Halloween.

TTFN! TaTa for now!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Painted River Rocks

Hi friends! Sorry, I have been MIA…just busy with life. Crazy, know how it goes. I thought I better post something before everyone in the bloggy world forgets about me! LOL

So, I thought I would share my painted river rocks. I love river rocks. They are just so smooth and cool. I collect them, especially the heart shaped ones that my boys and I are sometimes lucky to find.  I have always wanted to paint my rocks and I finally got around to painting a few of them. I have another heart shaped one in progress too. It’s super fun and therapeutic to me.  Of course the boys get in on the act. I mean how can a 4 year old see paint and rocks and NOT join in right!

I don’t really use anything special to paint them, just your run of the mill acrylic craft paint and a spray varnish to finish them. Oh and I did some with fabric Mod Podged to them. That was really fun too. Just Mod Podge it on and after it dries spray a coat of the varnish! Easy right!

So, here they are, I hope you enjoy Smile

This one is the fabric modpodged on the rock, and painted words.


These are also modpodged fabric with cute little red birdies on it, see my little quote from my favorite Bob Marley song on there “Three Little Birds…On my Doorstep” and yes, these rock ARE right on my doorstep Smile


I painted this one for my friend Jen, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” was her and her hubs wedding song.


And one more, this one is right on my front porch, greeting all my friends that come by.


So, next time you go to the river, take your self a little bucket and collect some rocks! They are lot’s of fun!

Oh and take your camera too, you might capture some fun moments like these.




Friday, March 9, 2012

DIY Family Tree

Happy Friday! I have another quick post for you! Remember my Family Photo Wall I shared with you all a while back…well, I really wanted to make it into a “Family Tree” wall, but I didn’t really want to paint the tree on the wall…but then, while I was browsing around Target one day I say this wall decal. IT’s a tree! It says easy to apply and re-usable, removable, and hey it was only $19.95. I bought it!

It really was easy to apply, and it really was removable, because I moved a few leaves around.

So, here is the finished “Family Tree”……


I really love how it looks and I’m going to add more photos too! So fun and simple!


Monday, March 5, 2012

Good morning Beautiful, Hybrid Bathroom Wall Art!

I have a quick cute and easy project to share today.

I wanted a cute quote above my bathroom mirror. I looked in the craft store and saw this way cute wall decal that said “Goodmorning Beautiful”  I thought that was so prefect for right above the bathroom mirror. But, did I really want to spend $11.99 on a decal…no, not me. So, instead I bought this plain piece of wood/sign blank for $1.99 and made my own!

First I painted the wood, then I antiqued it a bit with some antique gel (which both I already had).

Then I went to the computer and opened up some cute ALphas in Photoshop. I used The Chocolate and Marshmallows Alpha by, Jen Yurko. I resized them to the size I needed, printed them, cut them out, inked the edges with distress ink and mod podged them to the sign. I added a picture hanger to the back of the board and Ta-Da…all done!

So, for $1.99 I made a cute little could have been free if I had a piece of wood lying around! lol.

Here it is..


Here it is a little closer up. BTY, my bedroom and master bath are teal and brown.


That’s it! A super quick and simple little project!

Happy Crafting!


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