Thursday, March 27, 2014

GingerScraps DigiScrap Survivor...Week 1 Challenge!

My sister Ginger, the owner of Gingerscraps talked me in to getting my butt in gear and scrapping some, what better way to make me scrap again....I joined the new season of GingerScraps Digi Scrap Survivor! 
The theme this year is Digi County Fair. So cute! 

The first challenge was to do a layout with your "Theme Song". Of course my theme song changes every day..depending on my mood! LOL! But, one thing remains the same..."Crazy", Yep...we are crazy and we like it!

 So, I chose the song "Crazy" by, Gnarls Barkley. 

It pretty much fits..and I had the perfect pictures. :) I think my craziness has rubbed off on the rest of my family! 

I used the kit Save The Date by, Kathy Winters..sold at GingerScraps

The template is by me. They are at Gingerscraps too :)

That was fun, now let's hope I don't get voted off the island.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Liquor Bouquet

Hi lovelies,
So...on Sunday we celebrated my daughter Kayla's 21st Birthday! We went to visit her and had a wonderful weekend :)

Since it was a "special" birthday I made her a really fun gift to celebrate her being "legal" LOL! 

It's a Liquor Bouquet! 

It was super fun and easy to make and really I didn't have to buy anything except the liquor and the shot glasses...everything else I pilfered out of my Mom's craft room and my stash :)

I used a basket, some floral foam, dowels, silver spray paint, black craft paint, gold and silver tissue paper, a feather boa, some cardboard that I cut into letters, some silver and gold curly ribbon, some silver sparkly do dads, a little wooden sign, hot glue and glue sticks, mini liquor bottles and shot glasses. 

I just glued the little bottles and shot glasses onto some dowels with a hot glue gun and stuck them into some floral foam in the basket. Then added some feathers and other sparkly do dads and a little sign.
Kayla loved it :)


Friday, February 21, 2014

Happy Friday

Happy Friday lovelies! I am enjoying the CA sunshine...yep...wearing my flipflops in Feb. :) And of course my toes are looking adorable with these black and white Jamberry nail wraps! Have a fabulous Friday!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

My First VoxBox!

So a few days ago I got my first VoxBox in the mail from Influenster. It is called the #JadoreVoxBox! So many fun goodies inside. How fun does that look!

So, I have tried almost everything in the box and it has been a blast.
First thing was the chocolate kisses of course...and who in their right mid doesn't like chocolate kisses!? I had mine with wine. :) Looks good doesn't it :)
The next night my sister came over to get some crafting in and I thought...tea! Tea and crafting! Sounds perfect. I made the Red Rose, Lemon Chiffon, Simply Indulgent tea that came in my VoxBox. It was good, totally tasted like lemon pie, I added a tiny bit of sugar. It was light and tasty. The only downfall was that it was decaf...this girl needs her caffeine! LOL! But, the tea was delicious.
Today my two little guys stayed home from is sick and the other is a! But, since the boys are home it's jammie day! I'm not going anywhere..perfect time to try the Boots Botanics Shine Away Clay Mask. I rubbed it on my face and waited 10 minutes....well it might have been longer because I got happens...haha. Travis was wondering why I was walking around the house with camouflage face paint on...Yes, honey while you are usually at school, Mommy plays Army all day :) 
But, the face mask felt great, my skin felt nice and tight and smooth, but not totally too dry. So thumbs up on the mask!
Now, left to try in the JadoreVoxBox is the Frizz Ease 3 Day Straight flat iron spray...which I will not be trying..haha...I have STICK straight hair and I try to make it fluffy...not straight. So, I gave it to a friend so it wouldn't go to waste. I'm sure she will love it. 
The Vaseline Men Spray Lotion is probably going to be ignored in my house. My husband hates I might force him to try it, but we shall see. I did spray it on my arm and it has a manly scent. He is not into scents make him sneeze. So this might go to a friend too. :)
The KISS Looks So Natural Lashes I am totally excited to try! I have worn false eyelashes I think 3 times in my life. They are fun, I need more practice at applying them. LOL! But, my BFF wears them everyday so she can help me and I will look fabulous! I will share a picture when I use them. Maybe this Friday...we have a party to go too!
Well, that is it! I had fun playing with all the trinkets in the #JadoreVoxBox. If you are interested in joining Influenster and receiving some fun free stuff to review, check out their website. 
Have a great day! XOXO!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Are You Toes Ready for Summer

Top clockwise, Pink Zebra, Pink Zebra, lil girl toes, Holographic, Silver Floral on Magenta, lil girl toes

Are your toes ready for flip flops??!!
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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hello Kitty Costume

Hey Ya’all! I just wanted to pop in a share with you my cute little Halloween costume. My friend Jen and I were Hello Kitty for Halloween. We made the costumes ourselves and it was super easy. Yes, I know Halloween is over Smile but pin it now and use the idea later! Here I am in my cute Hello Kitty Costume.

3 2

It was really easy to throw together. We got a white t-shirt at Target for $6.00. Used some craft paint to paint the face on. Added a felt bow and the shirt is done! Then I made another felt bow and stuck it on a headband. Stuck on a pink TuTu which you can totally make super easy, we were lucky because our cheerleader had worn the pink tutus for Oct for Breast Cancer Awareness, so I just used one of theirs. I wore leggings underneith and my black Ugg boots, and some pearls and of course some eyelashes! I love eyelashes and Halloween is a good excuse to wear them! Oh and don’t forget red lipstick!

The rest of my family was not so cute..My daughter was a scary zombie, she got a nightgown at the goodwill and did all her own makeup! The contacts were her big splurge, but she will wear them again.


Creepy huh! She is like one of the characters from The Walking Dead!

My husband and 7 year old were Zombies too…


My 5 year old wanted to be a MotoX guy…so that was easy…lol. He just wore his riding gear!

I love Halloween.

TTFN! TaTa for now!

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