Friday, April 13, 2012

Painted River Rocks

Hi friends! Sorry, I have been MIA…just busy with life. Crazy, know how it goes. I thought I better post something before everyone in the bloggy world forgets about me! LOL

So, I thought I would share my painted river rocks. I love river rocks. They are just so smooth and cool. I collect them, especially the heart shaped ones that my boys and I are sometimes lucky to find.  I have always wanted to paint my rocks and I finally got around to painting a few of them. I have another heart shaped one in progress too. It’s super fun and therapeutic to me.  Of course the boys get in on the act. I mean how can a 4 year old see paint and rocks and NOT join in right!

I don’t really use anything special to paint them, just your run of the mill acrylic craft paint and a spray varnish to finish them. Oh and I did some with fabric Mod Podged to them. That was really fun too. Just Mod Podge it on and after it dries spray a coat of the varnish! Easy right!

So, here they are, I hope you enjoy Smile

This one is the fabric modpodged on the rock, and painted words.


These are also modpodged fabric with cute little red birdies on it, see my little quote from my favorite Bob Marley song on there “Three Little Birds…On my Doorstep” and yes, these rock ARE right on my doorstep Smile


I painted this one for my friend Jen, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” was her and her hubs wedding song.


And one more, this one is right on my front porch, greeting all my friends that come by.


So, next time you go to the river, take your self a little bucket and collect some rocks! They are lot’s of fun!

Oh and take your camera too, you might capture some fun moments like these.





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