Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Liquor Bouquet

Hi lovelies,
So...on Sunday we celebrated my daughter Kayla's 21st Birthday! We went to visit her and had a wonderful weekend :)

Since it was a "special" birthday I made her a really fun gift to celebrate her being "legal" LOL! 

It's a Liquor Bouquet! 

It was super fun and easy to make and really I didn't have to buy anything except the liquor and the shot glasses...everything else I pilfered out of my Mom's craft room and my stash :)

I used a basket, some floral foam, dowels, silver spray paint, black craft paint, gold and silver tissue paper, a feather boa, some cardboard that I cut into letters, some silver and gold curly ribbon, some silver sparkly do dads, a little wooden sign, hot glue and glue sticks, mini liquor bottles and shot glasses. 

I just glued the little bottles and shot glasses onto some dowels with a hot glue gun and stuck them into some floral foam in the basket. Then added some feathers and other sparkly do dads and a little sign.
Kayla loved it :)



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