Wednesday, July 27, 2011

We Made a Wind chime!

Good afternoon my crafty friends! I am so off schedule..I guess summer has it’s own special schedule right?! Any whooo…If you remember my summer fun list, which, by the way we have been checking those boxes off day by day!  number 52 on the summer fun list was to make a wind chime. 

Of course I had to browse Pinterest to get some fun ideas. I saw this wind chime using a plate as the top part. I thought, Perfect! I have these white lattice plates I bought over 12 years ago that are just calling out to be crafted. So the boys and I took a little trip to the Goodwill to pick up some spoons to make our chimes. I also found some cool clear beads in the craft section that were perfect for this project. Everything else I already had. Smile Yea for cheap projects!

The boys and I got to work, we got out our trusty drill, I already had my little tiny drill bit in it from the last time I made scrabble tile necklaces. We drilled some holes through the spoons. It takes a while for the drill bit to go through the spoon, but eventually it goes through. Tyler helped me do the drilling. Travis just watched us..he didn’t really want to get any where near the drill…lol.

Here are the spoons with the holes drilled in them.


Here are my cute little helpers..Tyler is way too cool holding the drill..


So, then we laid out our beads and spoons. I needed fishing line to string the beads and spoons on, so I snagged my hubby’s fishing pole. Shhhhh.


Now just tie your fishing line onto the spoon. I ties a few knots and make sure you paint the knot with some clear polish to hold it nice and strong.


Now, I kind of forgot to take pics while I was stringing the beads…lol..but you get the idea. Just string them on go all the way around and back through the bead and tie back near the hole in the spoon. Put nail polish on this knot too.

I also strung some polka dot ribbon thru my plate and up to the top to hang it. I didn’t really trust the fishing line to hold it, I thought the ribbon would be stronger, cuter too.

So here we are all done with our wind chime.




So, for just the price of a few thrift store spoons we now have a pretty wind chime to enjoy. I got some super cute colorful wooden beads at the thrift store too. I’m totally gonna make another wind chime!

Bye Bye!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Mmmmm Yummy Cheesy Bread!

Happy Monday! Today will be fun, and hopefully this will be an every Monday event! It’s a recipe blog train. These fabulous ladies will have some yummy goodness for you. So, when you just don’t know what to make for dinner…again…check these out!

Now, me I have been sooo busy this summer, my family is lucky to get dinner…just kidding! But we are doing a lot of throw this on the grill and eat it!

But, I do have this really yummy cheesy bread to share with you. I first had this while on vacation with my bff and her family way back in the day. I think I was like 14 or 15. Now, you know this must be good because it stuck in my head all those years! I knew my bff had the recipe so I just had to get it from her and start making it again..mmm..sooo good.

So, this is one of those no measure type here is what you need.



Red Onion..I like to use my Pampered Chef Chopper! Love this tool! ( I sell Pampered ChefSmile)


A loaf of French Bread unsliced

So, just mix these things all together to make a spread..I know not really helpful with out measurements, but it’s ok, it will taste good.

Spread it on the bread..


Then stick it in the oven at like 350 and bake it till it’s nice and brown and melty and good. You can stick it under the broiler too to make it all brown and toasty!


Let it cool just a bit then slice and serve. Mmmm, so good with chicken or steak..or salad..Mmmm, good with anything!

Now, you have your bread, so go grab some other dinner ideas on the Monday recipe blog train! Come next monday for more!

Oh and while you are there, check out these ladies’ fabulous blogs! They all have super awesome stuff to share and teach you!


See you tomorrow for Keep it Real!


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