Thursday, July 28, 2011

Life 365, Week 29, 2011

Yea! Week 29! Here it is!

Fun, Busy week! Football is starting for Tyler! Lot’s of Football Pics to come! LOL

This week I used 365 Scrap Your Life papers by GingerScraps. Elements from Punk my Boi by, Jen Yurko. Playdate by Unforgettable Moments. Horary for the Home Team by, Kathy Winters.
Week 30 Template and Border frame by,
Creations by Julie.


YOu can DL this Freebie Here from 4shared!

Take those pictures!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

We Made a Wind chime!

Good afternoon my crafty friends! I am so off schedule..I guess summer has it’s own special schedule right?! Any whooo…If you remember my summer fun list, which, by the way we have been checking those boxes off day by day!  number 52 on the summer fun list was to make a wind chime. 

Of course I had to browse Pinterest to get some fun ideas. I saw this wind chime using a plate as the top part. I thought, Perfect! I have these white lattice plates I bought over 12 years ago that are just calling out to be crafted. So the boys and I took a little trip to the Goodwill to pick up some spoons to make our chimes. I also found some cool clear beads in the craft section that were perfect for this project. Everything else I already had. Smile Yea for cheap projects!

The boys and I got to work, we got out our trusty drill, I already had my little tiny drill bit in it from the last time I made scrabble tile necklaces. We drilled some holes through the spoons. It takes a while for the drill bit to go through the spoon, but eventually it goes through. Tyler helped me do the drilling. Travis just watched us..he didn’t really want to get any where near the drill…lol.

Here are the spoons with the holes drilled in them.


Here are my cute little helpers..Tyler is way too cool holding the drill..


So, then we laid out our beads and spoons. I needed fishing line to string the beads and spoons on, so I snagged my hubby’s fishing pole. Shhhhh.


Now just tie your fishing line onto the spoon. I ties a few knots and make sure you paint the knot with some clear polish to hold it nice and strong.


Now, I kind of forgot to take pics while I was stringing the beads…lol..but you get the idea. Just string them on go all the way around and back through the bead and tie back near the hole in the spoon. Put nail polish on this knot too.

I also strung some polka dot ribbon thru my plate and up to the top to hang it. I didn’t really trust the fishing line to hold it, I thought the ribbon would be stronger, cuter too.

So here we are all done with our wind chime.




So, for just the price of a few thrift store spoons we now have a pretty wind chime to enjoy. I got some super cute colorful wooden beads at the thrift store too. I’m totally gonna make another wind chime!

Bye Bye!


Wordless Wednesday..What we did Yesterday.

It’s Wordless Wednesday, Here is our story in pictures from what we did yesterday.
Boys picked the pears
Cute boys
Boys wanted to sell the pears..Mommy made some Drinks to sell along with the pears.
Dipping paper towels while tending the pear and drink stand. Just fold and dip!
Unfold, let dry dry and add pipe cleaner..pretty butterflies to decorate the back porch.
Thank you Pinterest and Skip to my Lou for a fun easy kid project
Oh and did I mention that I love summer! yes, my kids might be eating me out of house and home a driving me crazy most of the time, LOL. but spending summer playing with them and their friends is a joy.
If you are participating in Wordless Wednesday add your link too. :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nail Fun…Stripes and Dots

HIIeee! Yes, I know it’s Tuesday..I am having such a fun busy summer..I forgot it was keep it real day!

So, how about this for you my loyal Keep it real fans…let’s do every other Tuesday. That will be easier. That way I don’t have to look like a flake! hahaha!

But, instead of leaving you with nothing to read, I will share with you what I did on my nails this morning. I got a few requests for nail tutorials due to my post on Thursday. So, Here we go!

Stripes and Dots nails.

First pick out your colors, put on your base coat..

Here are my colors all lined up. A nice warm cup of tea is always good to have too Smile


Now, paint your nails the two colors you picked out, I did mine one green and one blue and one green and one blue and so on…two coats.


Now add a tip of opposite color to each nail, mine are blue on green and green on blue.


Then ad a white stripe across where the tip starts…like this..use a stripping brush, I used white.


then add white (or what color you choose) stripes going up from the stripe across the tip.


now take your white polish and dump a little bit out on a piece of scrap paper.


Take your dotting tool and dot on some cute little polka dots! (If you don’t have a dotting tool you can use a toothpick or an ink pen with no ink.)


Add your top coat to protect your manicure and give it some nice shine.


Voila! You are done! Cute fun and summery nails!

I hope this inspires you to have some fun with your nails! Give me some requests..what would you like to see on my nail fun posts? Leave some comments and requests! I will try to do them for ya!

Have a great day!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

OK..I have to admit..I am addicted to nail polish!

Well, some of you blog friends have seen some of my fun nail designs. it all started when Ginger came over and we did the “Fruit Stripe Fingernails” Well, thanks to the amazing Seche Vite top coat that ginger introduced me to, I am now a little obsessed with painting my nails! LOL. Really, for me, being a busy Mom with my hands in the water doing dishes and cleaning bathrooms…Oh so glamorous LOL none of these nail art designs I do would be worth the time if I did not have this top coat. And believe me, I have tried lots of them. Nothing works like this! Not only does it seal your polish and make it last, it also dries almost instantly, really like in seconds.  it’s amazing. I can put on this top coat and its dry enough to dig thru my purse for a hot wheel in seconds! And no, they don’t pay me to say this! haha. I buy it at the drugstore just like everyone else! I use a good base coat too. Both of these things help keep my polish from chipping right off!

So, let’s get right to the fun stuff..the nail designs. Here are a few of the designs I have done in the past month.

Clouds and Sun.


Peach with White Dots and stripes.

2011-07-16 22.53.03

Stars and stripes.

july fingers

Yellow with Zebra Stripes.




White with rainbow dots.


And in honor of football starting for my boys..The football field and football nails.

2011-07-18 16.29.09

And here is the design I did today. Black, Pink and White. The right hand.

And the left hand.

Ya, so, I know, I might be having a little too much fun. But, oh my nails look so cute! Yes, I do these manicures early in the morning before anyone else is awake. It’s my “Me” time Smile All of us mom’s need a little “Me” time don’t you think!

Now, my Pinterest board is getting full of nail art ideas. I am watching nail art videos on You tube…I can’t stop!

I hope you enjoy my nail art, because you know I’m gonna be sharing them all on my blog! If you have any great ideas share them!

I might even put step by step tutorials if ya-all are interested Smile Let me know what you wanna see!

Have a super day!



Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Life 365 Week 28!

Time for another weekly LO! I’m getting myself all caught up! Yea!

This week I used 365 paper by GingerScraps.
Tabs and waves also in the Scrap Your Life kit at GingerScraps.
Football by Kathy Winters.
Say Cheese Felties, WordArt, Week 28 Template and Border Frame by, Creations by Julie.

Of course your Border frame freebie for the week is ready!


You can dl it here from 4shared.

Happy Scrapping!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Keep it Real # 11

Tuesday! Time to keep it real! Pinterest! I’m so addicted! OMGosh! When pinterest first started I was like, what, I don’t get it..I’m confused. But, I figured all these people are raving about this. It must be good. So, I gave it another try. Now…I’m addicted! I can’t stop! I mean it’s just like eye candy. There is so many thing I want to make and do. Just this morning look what I pinned.

Football Berries!              Angry Birds lunch!
And I so totally want to make this..
I cant stop pinning!! I should be cleaning or folding laundry! But, the eye candy just keeps coming!
I mean look at these…

The ideas are endless! I love it. Let me tell you, the great thing about pinterest is this. You go to a blog, you see the coolest thing, you bookmark it. Then you can’t find it again! LOL. But, on Pinterest, you pin the photo and the link to where you saw it is saved with the picture! You just have this fabulous “Pin Board” with all the most awesomest (is that a word) ideas! You categorize them and share them. Dude, I have a whole “Pin board” with fingernail art ideas! lol. Ya-all know I’m a little obsessed with that too! ha-ha.
OK, I have to stop. I am going to push my self away from this computer and tackle my to do list..Oh wait, there might be some cute to do list’s on pinterest..

Oh, darn it..I’m getting sucked in again!! Help!!
Ok..I’m telling you! It’s awesome! But, we are keeping it real might get addicted…like me!

So, who want’s to keep it real with me!? Let your blogger friends and real friends see the “real stuff” Keep it real with me! Post your “real stuff” on your blog and share it with me. It can be anything! Talk about whatever you want! I’m going to try to do this every Tuesday and I would love to have lot’s of you posting your links!
Us ladies need to stick together! Lift each other up! We are all in this together! I dare you!! Be Real! My
first K.I.R. was about Laundry eww..the second about keeping kids busy. I talked about "SLEEP" Then I shared my love of kids cereal, and watching my daughter Grow Up. I'm loving all the posts of all of the “real” ladies who are joining me! Let’s keep this going! I love hearing your stories! You can read all of the previous K.i.r. moments from me and tons of other fabulous ladies in my Home and Beauty tab up above. keep the posts coming! I love them all!
It's a get Real linky party! It's easy just post a link to your "Real" blog post.
Here are the rules. 1. Just click on the link that says You are next, click here to enter. 2. Add a link to your 'real" blog post, not your main blog but the actual post. 3. Encourage your bloggy friends to join us. 4. Link my blog/linky party in your post.


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