Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub.

Day 3 of Show Your Teacher Some Love! I have Tyler's gift for today all wrapped up and ready to go! Now I just have to wake him up and get him off to school! Mornings and Tyler…those 2 things don’t mix well. Actually he has gotten way better since I started his “star Chart” He really wants to earn those stars! Positive reinforcement really does work! Smile

So, what are we giving his teachers today you ask…Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub! I got this recipe over a year ago. I have made it tons of times. It mixes up super quick and I always have the ingredients on hand! So, it’s perfect for a quick little gift when you can’t run out and spend money Smile Everyone loves it..I have a few asking for re-fills! I found this recipe on the blog Under the table dreaming. last night I didn’t even measure…lol..I just eyeballed it. It comes out perfect every time. Although I did finally use up all my lemon blossom essential oil sent, so I will have to get some more of that! it lasted me like like 10 years though! haha. It only takes a drop!

Anyway, here is Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub all done!


I had to wrap it up cute, and of course they are wrapped in tissue paper in the bags so they don’t get broken in Ty’s backpack!

I made some little bag labels and bag toppers. I used the kit Fresh Baked by, The gingerscraps designers and the bag topper template is in the hybrid birthday kit I made, in my creations by Julie store at gingerscraps.


Here is a close up of the topper.


This will be perfect for Ty’s kindergarten teachers! They work so hard with their hands doing all kinds of fun projects!



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Tina said...

I think you spelled scents wrong on your tags, but this is otherwise adorable! Would also be a fabulous mother's day gift! :)

Jodi said...

Very cool Julie!

Julie said...

Tina! Haha, I would spell something wrong on a gift I am giving a teacher! They will get a laugh out of that one!

Sarah said...

Oh that is perfect!!
Make sure you post the recipe because I have THREE kindergarten teachers that would LOVE that!!

Laura @ Our House Of Joyful Noise said...

LOL...I noticed SCENTS too. Typos happen, right? It'll just make the teacher feel extra smart & needed.
; ) So the teachers get a gift every day?? They must be loving this week! I've got to bookmark this post - I want to make this sometime. Maybe with another 'sent' though. lol. Thanks for linking up, again! Having a a hard time getting the 'party started over there'. I appreciate the support. : )

Laura @ live.laugh.photograph said...

SO fun!

p.s. there is something on my blog for you :)

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