Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fun with Felt and Flowers!

So, I have been having lots of fun lately! Playing with felt and making flowers. My boys are really into playing “kitchen” so I have been making them Felt “Food”

Here are my little projects…



I got the Donut Pattern Here.


I even use a Hybrid Template to make this Milk Carton. It’s by Krisi’s Creations and it’s from Scrap Matters. I just had to modify it a little bit for sewing.

I made some flowers too…


These are made out of Duct Tape! I love Duct Tape! I got the idea here.

These ones are from Tulle and Ribbon.


This one is Vintage lace, it looks so cute in my nieces hair.


So much fun! Loving it! There is so much inspiration out there on the web!

My next project is to make a Play Kitchen out of an old nightstand! Look at these! Awesome!

Scrap Happy!




Ang said...

OMG that felt food is just too adorable!! Beyond adorable!!

Robyn{Lee} said...

WOW, those are sooooo cool!!!! : ) Do you sell any of these?

Chelsea said...

Love the felt pop tart!

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