Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Felt and Button Fun and Love Checks!

OK, that is kind of a weird title! LOL! But, it’s just some fun new goodies! Today is Feb 1st and you know what that means! Bake Sale! This month is HUGE! It is the one year anniversary of the GingerScraps Buffett and we are celebrating by reliving all of the previous buffets! All the designers have added more and more goodies to all the buffets! There is SO much to drool over!

Not only that…everything is only $!.00!! All the new goodies are only $1.00!

Here is the whole shebang! Beware..it’s a lot to look at!!

Whew! I told you that was a lot! I hope you are ready for some big shopping!!

Let me give you a closer look of the 2 things I made for the buffet.

First up are these “Love Checks Templates

With these "Love Check" Templates you can make your own personalized, romantic and fun "Checks"
Just add you digi papers and ellies to the layers. Or just print them as they are!
Add some romantic sayings and give them to the love in your life!
Add some cute and fun sayings and give them to a friend or your kids! They make super cute valentines and birthday gifts!
PSD, PNG and PAGE Formats included.

Sarah made these with my Love Check Templates and Puddle Jumpers.

Crystal made these..

Now, I have something else really special! It is hand made by me!

Colors of my Life..Button and Felt Fun!
Included is 15 different hand cut felt shapes with real buttons sewn on by me! All in the Colors of My Life palette!
Professionally extracted! Creative and Personal Use! Yes, you heard me right, Creative use too!

And don’t forget! These are all on sale for $1.00 each! Even the Button and Felt Fun!

Come on over to GingerScraps and get your shop on! Sale time baby!

OK! I better end this huge post! Talk to you soon!


Monday, January 30, 2012

Angry Birds Kindle Cover

My boys got a Kindle with their Christmas money. Of course it needed a cover! But, heck no I’m not buying one when I have a drawer full of felt!

The boys love Angry Birds…so I made them this…

2012-01-29 15.29.57

Here is the back, I made a little flap with a button to hold it closed.

2012-01-29 15.30.08

Here it is with the Kindle going inside…

2012-01-29 15.30.32

It was pretty easy, I did it all by hand with felt and embroidery thread. Just grabbed the Kindle laid it on the felt and kinda went for it. I of course had to have a pic of the red bird in front of me to make sure I got it right.

The boys love it. Now I need to make a cover for my kindle! Mine will not be Angy Birds..I was thinking of making mine with this quilt block I made years ago, I have a bunch of quilt blocks that never got made into a quilt…lol…might as well use them for something! That is the next project…oh and my friend Jen wants one for her Kindle and Michelle’s son Ricky wants one for his…LOL! The list keep growing, so I’m I will have more to share!

It goes with Travis’ Angry Birds hat..which I did not make! LOL! Some day I will learn how to knit or crochet or whatever it takes to make hats like these! lol.

2012-01-16 10.40.14

Have a great day!

Happy Crafting!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Some fun Hybrid Goodies For Fresh Baked Friday and a Freebie Too!

It’s Friday! Whew! That week kind of flew by. On Tuesday I thought it was Wednesday, then once Wed was actually here it was Thursday already! LOL!

Soooo…are you getting ready for Valentines day? I have my February Decorations hanging up! Yea!

I even have some special hybrid templates in my GingerScraps store just for you! You know you want to get started and all those Valentines Day Projects!

Make your candy EXTRA special! With these Love Treats Hybrid Templates!
Just add some fun papers to the layers, print cut and assemble!
Turn some regular candy into extra cute Valentine gifts! Perfect for those class Valentines!
In PSD and PNG formats. Super easy, Super cute and Super fun!

Here are my treats close up.




they are 50% off today! So grab them while they are hot!

That’s not all! Lookie there is more!

Use these hybrid templates to make a cute "Love Pocket" For your special people!

Add your digi papers and elies to the layers. Print, Cut, Glue!
Full directions are included.
PSD and PNG formats.
Includes templates for 2 sizes of pockets and I love you word strips.
Small size fits in 4.25x5.0 envelope.
Large fits in 5x7 envelope.

Here is a bigger pic of my Love Pocket.


Cute huh Smile I am having lots of fun with these! putting cute little notes in them for my kiddies and naughty notes in them for hubs. shhhh.

(I used “My Funky Valentine” by, Kathy Winters for my samples, It’s adorable!)

I totally have a great idea to make a chore pocket for the boys too! In one pocket I will put the chores on the strips. Then when they do the chore they get to take it out of the to do pocket and put in the done pocket! Maybe it will make them “want” to do their chores! hahaha

Oh and look at this great idea Chrystal had!


She made a learning pocket with a bunch of the site words on the strips! How clever! these GingerScrap girls are so awesome!

So, go take a little trip to Gingerscraps today! visit my Creations by Julie store and pick up the Love treats and the love pocket while they are 50% off! That is only $1.00!



If you picked up my freebie last Friday you will know that this one matches! I see a little theme going on here! Smile

You can dl the freebie here from 4shared! Tell your friends! Send them to my blog so they can grab some freebies too!

I’ll be back this week with more fun projects! See you then!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Week 3, 2012!

Week 3 has come and gone! Time to share!

This week I used Colors of My Life a GingerScraps designer buffet kit.
B&W and Blue All Over and Daredevil by, Pretty in Green.
Simplify your 365 Templates, Rain Word Art by, Creations by Julie.

Hope you all had a great week! I know I did!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Match Book Album Templates..and a Friday Freebie!!

It’s fresh baked Friday time! Woot Woot!

So, what do I have for you today…you ask..It’s another super fun Hybrid Template!

the Matchbook Album Template!

With this set of templates you will make a cute little matchbook album!
It's super fun and easy. Just clip your papers and layers to the layers. Print, cut and fold on the fold lines.

I made one with my little Angry Bird boys pictures Smile He loves his hat! I used the kit Game On by, Connie Prince for this matchbook Album.

All you need is one piece of cardstock and a stapler!
These make super cute cards, and gifts. Great for Valentines day!
In PSD and PNG Formats. and..It’s on sale right now! 25% off only $1.50!

Go grab the template and make up a bunch! They are a quick and easy hybrid Project!

Oh, ya! I almost forgot! I have a freebie for you too!


Here is some cute Free word art!

You can dl the freebie right here from 4shared.

Stay tuned next week because there are some goodies to come that are going to be perfect for this word art!


Week 2 of 2012!

What a great week! How are you doing with your photo taking every day? You can do this!!

Here is my LO for Week 2!

This week I used Colors of my Life a GingerScraps Designers Buffet kit.
Simplify your 365 Templates and Getting Fit Word Art by Creations by Julie.

I put a little quote of the week on my LO this week, on that little purple tab. It was so cute My son Travis, he is 4, says, “Did you know Ice is made out of snow.” My daughter kayla say, “Oh it is, well then what is snow made out of?” Travis says, “Hmmm…Glitter.”  Smile How cute is that!

See you tomorrow with a freebie and some fun new goodies!


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Planner for 2012

Yes, it’s the beginning of a new year. Time to get organized right! Well, I am a planner girl. I know, a lot of you have foregone the paper planners and only use your smart phone calendars. I do have a smart phone..but I just need my planner! It goes with me everywhere. it’s in my purse. I write everything in it. It’s actually kind of fun to go back through my old planners and see what I had written..almost like a journal of my daily life!

So, of course it’s 2012. My old planner is tattered and full. Time for a fresh start! Yea! Fun! I know I could go and buy myself a planner, but it is much more fun to make your own! It’s so way cuter!

So here we go…time to share my 2012 planner!

Here is the planner in process.


Yes, that is my sewing machine. I wanted pocket pages, so I decided to sew them! That should be sturdy don’t cha think!



Here are the inside pages.  I created templates for these planner pages you can find them in my shop at GingerScraps. The templates are totally customizable.

Just use any digi papers that you like, drag them into the layers in the template and print the pages back to back. You just have to do a few test prints to see how the pages come out of your printer. Once you get it all tested they printing a a breeze.

So, I was super excited to use my new Zutter Bind it All for my planner this year! I got it on sale too! With my Ben Franklin gift card Smile Whoowhhoo! I am totally loving this new tool! It punches all the little holes for you and binds it all together with the wires.  A few test punches with this and I was good to go. You could also use a small 3 ring binder, like I did last year.

Here is the cover. It’s my favorite part Smile 


I love pink and black! So, the zebra paper and the little rhinestone camera I also got at Ben Franklin. The rest of the papers and elements are digital and are in the kit Colors of My Life which you can find at GingerScraps. It is a buffet kit, so it is huge and a collaboration of a bunch of the GingerScraps designers. I’m using the same kit for my 365 project this year.

The cover is a piece of chipboard with the zebra paper on both sides. Then the cute little hybrid bit glued on the front. It is all Mod Podged to keep it sealed and protected. This little book has to be able to take my abuse for the whole year! And it turned out so cute, I won’t get bored of looking at it!

Now, I am totally ready to take on another busy, fun filled year of lots and lots of thing to do!


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