Thursday, June 30, 2011

$5.00 July 4th Wreath!

Independence Day is almost here, I was walking up my front walk and realized..I have a cute pink wreath on my door! That just will not do! I need Red, White and Blue! So, I hit the Dollar tree. I spent $4.00 on three 5 yard rolls of ribbon and one wreath.

Ya, super cheap right. Then of course I had to add some hybrid-ness to my wreath. I hit my digi scrapbooking supplies. I used a digi kit called my country by coilie’s corner and my (creations by Julie) banner templates. Print, cut…assemble! I wanted to add some sturdiness to my little banner pieces so I mounted them to my empty paper pack (recycle yea!) and put some mod podge on them to seal them.


I just tied all the ribbon….


and added my little banner…..


Super cute and easy! Smile


Happy Independence Day!

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bubbles and Soap Dispenser!

I love little mason jars! they are just so cute. Then I see the cutest little mason jar soap dispenser all over the crafty blog world and had to make my own.

I kind of followed this tut but my hubs was not home..I did not want to wait for him to tell me where the right size drill bit was. hahah. The bit that was on the drill was the tiny one I use for my scrabble tile necklaces, so I just drilled a bunch of little tiny holes then poked it thru with my kitchen scissors till my soap pump fit! haha. Then hot glue around the dispenser on the bottom side to seal it! Done! And cute!


It looks super cute sitting next to my little jar of lemon sugar hand scrub! Two cute little jars. I <3 them. I might just have to make a cute little label for my dish soap jar too!


Now, while we are on the “soap” topic. It’s bubble time! #7 on our Summer Fun list is “Bubble Blowing Contest” of course we wanted to make homemade bubbles. Have you noticed that the bubbles from the store don’t seem to work like they used to. IDK what it is..maybe I’m just crazy, but they just aren’t the same. So, we looked online and found lots of homemade bubble recipes.

The one we used was

  • 6-cups hot water
  • 1/2-cup light corn syrup
  • 1-cup Dawn dishwashing liquid   The recipe called for clear Dawn dish soap, but I already had a big ole thing of Dragon fruit from Sam's Club! Our bubble smell really good Smile.


Here is our Bubble solution! This should last a while.


The T’s and I had some fun, fun bubble time! We went to the Dollar tree and stocked up on bubble blowers!


The bubble solution worked great, I guess it works even better after it sits overnight, so we will be having another bubble blowing contest soon!

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Keep it Real #8 Messy!

It’s Tuesday! last night I was sitting in my backyard with my sis ginger, we were painting our nails again…lol. I said, “Oh no, tomorrow is Tuesday, what am I gonna post for Keep it Real. I’m really enjoying summer. Like really! For some reason I am just totally appreciating the sun and the outside and playing with the kids. I enjoyed it a little too much yesterday. Took the kids to the little park down the street. we played and swam. We met up with some Mom’s and kids from his kindergarten class, even my bff came over with her boys. I probably should have put on sunblock… back is fried! But Oh well, It’s summer right!
So, anyway, I decided what I would share with you…I should be embarrassed, but hey, it’s real life right! I have been having way too much fun to get those boys in the house to clean their room. Everyday I would say, boys, we have to clean your room today. But, then making homemade bubble sounds way more fun..or a bike cart cruise. Hmmm…the room just stayed messy..Yep, this is what it looked like..(sorry, cell phone pic here, not too great)
Oh boy..what a mess! I just kept shutting the door when I walked by and went outside to play instead. Dude, the sun is shining out there!
But, on Saturday we decided it was time to tackle this beast. It took us some time and we even went thru all the clothes and now have a big pile for the goodwill of outgrown clothes. Yea!
So, now you can see the real mess over here! But, that’s ok! I will show my pain to make you all feel better!
So, who want’s to keep it real with me!? Let your blogger friends and real friends see the “real stuff” Keep it real with me! Post your “real stuff” on your blog and share it with me. It can be anything! Talk about whatever you want! I’m going to try to do this every Tuesday and I would love to have lot’s of you posting your links!
Us ladies need to stick together! Lift each other up! We are all in this together! I dare you!! Be Real! My
first K.I.R. was about Laundry eww..the second about keeping kids busy. I talked about "SLEEP" Then I shared my love of kids cereal, and watching my daughter Grow Up. I'm loving all the posts of all of the “real” ladies who are joining me! Let’s keep this going! I love hearing your stories! You can read all of the previous K.i.r. moments from me and tons of other fabulous ladies in my Home and Beauty tab up above. keep the posts coming! I love them all!
It's a get Real linky party! It's easy just post a link to your "Real" blog post.
Here are the rules. 1. Just click on the link that says You are next, click here to enter. 2. Add a link to your 'real" blog post, not your main blog but the actual post. 3. Encourage your bloggy friends to join us. 4. Link my blog/linky party in your post.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Smiley Face Fingernails!

OK! I have some more super fun fingernails for you! Yes, I think I am getting obsessed…(thanks a lot Ginger LOL)

I started out painting my nails yellow thinking I was going to paint them like bees. But then I decided smiley faces would be cute Smile

So, here are the steps. This one is way easy!










034 copy

Check out the thumb…




Yep! That is it! It really is easy! And who couldn’t smile when seeing this Smile I think you will just make everyone’s day with your smiley nails! Of course this would be super cute on toes too! Smile!

Hey, life is way to hard to be serious! I say smile instead!

Have a great day!

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2011 Week 25! Week 26 Freebie!

Oh, we are so enjoying summer! The weather is beautiful, life is busy..but relaxing at the same time! Here is my LO from week 25 of 2011.

This week Hubs and I went up the hill to watch the boys at football camp. They were awesome and made us all proud. We did have some car trouble while we were there, but we took it all in stride…life will happen right!

While we we there our daughter Kayla was at home with the little ones. She had a big surprise up her sleeve. She took the jeep and trailer and went to the yard supply place and picked up 3 loads of pea gravel. She spread it all out in the yard (with some help from Uncle and Boyfriend) Then she even went and bought a cute little patio furniture set to replace our old ugly one. When we got home on Fathers day, Steve was very surprised..what a big job she did. What a thoughtful and generous gift, to finish up the yard makeover Steve started so he can relax and not have to worry about it anymore!

It looks wonderful and we are enjoying the new patio set everyday!

Here is your freebie for week 26!  DL it HERE from 4 shared.



Friday, June 24, 2011

Fresh Baked Friday 6/24!

Happy Friday! Extra happy because I actually have something new for you to play with!

A bit ago The GingerScraps designers came out the the GingerScraps Camp out Buffett!

The GingerScraps Buffet is an All You Can Eat .... or rather Scrap, lol, Buffet. Each month the amazing GingerBread Ladies will be given a color palette and theme, And they will create delicious goodies for you. Then you can mix and match, 'till your hearts content!

Well, when the Camp out buffet came out I made some word art, but I have been getting requests for some Shaped Greeting cards to go along with the Camp out…your wish is your command!

Here are the New Camp out Greeting Card Templates.

These shaped card templates are super fun!
Layered templates in psd and png forms
Add your digi papers print, cut, embellish!
Set includes a Tent, a Campfire and a Tree.
Cards fit in a standard 4.25x5.0 envelope. 25% off this weekend!

Pair them with the Camp out papers and you have the cutest and original card to give someone special!

Oh and look how bomb this card is Sarah made with these camp out templates! That is just way too cute for words!

campouttentcard sarah

Here are the cards I made, close up. I used Camp Out for all of these, mostly connie Prince and Statements by Jodi’s parts of the kit. Plus some word are made by me!




Hope you like them! They are on sale this weekend! Go grab some and get your hybrid on!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Life 365 Week 24, plus your Week 25 Freebie!

Time to post those weekly LO’s! How was your week? We are enjoying summer immensely!

I used paper form the 365 scrap your life by GingerScraps.
Template, Flair, Word Art by, Creations by Julie.
Fireworks by Pretty in Green.
Football by Kathy Winters.
Baseball elements by, Connie Prince.


You can DL it here from 4shared.

Enjoy! See you next week!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

July 4th Decorations You Can Make Yourself!

Happy Wednesday! I was the guest blogger on Saturday for Not Just a Housewife! I shared my July 4th Ribbon Lights, but wanted to share them here to just in case you missed them!
I am getting my house all ready for Independence Day! Our community has a big blow out every year, with golf cart parades, craft booths, fireworks! The whole she-bang! Of course all my friends and family come over and we all have a big potluck! Super fun. So, of course I gotta make some fun and inexpensive decorations for my house!
So, today I am showing you how to totally jazz up a set of plain white Christmas lights! All you need is a strand of white lights, which you probably already have packed away with your Christmas stuff, and some ribbon. I used red, white and blue ribbons which I got at the Dollar Store! 4 Yards of each color was what I used. But, of course if you want even more ribbon on your lights get more than 4 yards of each color.
So, first step is to cut your ribbons. I just cut them all at once. I cut them at about 9 to 10 inches each. I just eyeballed it. I cut the first one and then just held it up and cut the rest the same length.
Next step is to lay out your strand of lights.
Now you are just going to be tying your ribbons onto the lights. When I started I was tying 3 ribbons in between each light bulb. But I was running out or ribbons too fast and I really didn’t want to drive to town to get more ribbon! LOL! So, I switched it up and just tied on ribbon in between each bulb. I tied them on in order a red, then a white then a blue.
Just keep on tying until you run out of ribbon! This would be totally cute with strips of fabric too.
Now, just hang it up and plug it in! I looks totally cute! Way better than just plain white lights.
Close up….
Of course I added some more fun stuff to my window. I actually keep a “clothesline” in this window all year round and change the theme for the different seasons. I just clip the different things up there on the line with cute little wooden mini clothespins.
I made this I Love USA Banner with some digital templates that I designed and some digital scrapbooking paper these are all available at GingerScraps. The best digital Scrapbooking site on the web! I love making hybrid projects. Which is where you use a mix of digital and tradition craft and scrapbooking supplies to create fun goodies. If you are a digi scrapper you need to try a hybrid project!
I added some Pinwheels too! It looks super cute. You can get a pinwheel template free in my shop at GingerScraps. Perfect if you want to use digital scrapbooking paper to make your pinwheels. I used traditional paper this time. But I have made them with digi paper lot’s of times. Both ways are super easy and fun!
Here are some more pics of my July 4th window decorations.
I stuck some pinwheels on the wall too.
And of course some more Pinwheels on the table! I went a little crazy making pinwheels!
All righty! That is it! My July 4th Decorations! Super easy, cute and fun! Go make some of your own!
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