Tuesday, June 21, 2011

July 4th Decorations You Can Make Yourself!

Happy Wednesday! I was the guest blogger on Saturday for Not Just a Housewife! I shared my July 4th Ribbon Lights, but wanted to share them here to just in case you missed them!
I am getting my house all ready for Independence Day! Our community has a big blow out every year, with golf cart parades, craft booths, fireworks! The whole she-bang! Of course all my friends and family come over and we all have a big potluck! Super fun. So, of course I gotta make some fun and inexpensive decorations for my house!
So, today I am showing you how to totally jazz up a set of plain white Christmas lights! All you need is a strand of white lights, which you probably already have packed away with your Christmas stuff, and some ribbon. I used red, white and blue ribbons which I got at the Dollar Store! 4 Yards of each color was what I used. But, of course if you want even more ribbon on your lights get more than 4 yards of each color.
So, first step is to cut your ribbons. I just cut them all at once. I cut them at about 9 to 10 inches each. I just eyeballed it. I cut the first one and then just held it up and cut the rest the same length.
Next step is to lay out your strand of lights.
Now you are just going to be tying your ribbons onto the lights. When I started I was tying 3 ribbons in between each light bulb. But I was running out or ribbons too fast and I really didn’t want to drive to town to get more ribbon! LOL! So, I switched it up and just tied on ribbon in between each bulb. I tied them on in order a red, then a white then a blue.
Just keep on tying until you run out of ribbon! This would be totally cute with strips of fabric too.
Now, just hang it up and plug it in! I looks totally cute! Way better than just plain white lights.
Close up….
Of course I added some more fun stuff to my window. I actually keep a “clothesline” in this window all year round and change the theme for the different seasons. I just clip the different things up there on the line with cute little wooden mini clothespins.
I made this I Love USA Banner with some digital templates that I designed and some digital scrapbooking paper these are all available at GingerScraps. The best digital Scrapbooking site on the web! I love making hybrid projects. Which is where you use a mix of digital and tradition craft and scrapbooking supplies to create fun goodies. If you are a digi scrapper you need to try a hybrid project!
I added some Pinwheels too! It looks super cute. You can get a pinwheel template free in my shop at GingerScraps. Perfect if you want to use digital scrapbooking paper to make your pinwheels. I used traditional paper this time. But I have made them with digi paper lot’s of times. Both ways are super easy and fun!
Here are some more pics of my July 4th window decorations.
I stuck some pinwheels on the wall too.
And of course some more Pinwheels on the table! I went a little crazy making pinwheels!
All righty! That is it! My July 4th Decorations! Super easy, cute and fun! Go make some of your own!
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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hybrid Tile Décor Step by Step

During the month of May the Candy Wrapper (Hybrid) Challenge at GingerScraps was to make a Hybrid Tile of some kind. I finished my tiles up right at the end of the moth and thought I would share them here with you all!

These are pretty easy to make, as long as you are not afraid of Mod Podge!

Here are the steps..

1. measure your tile

2. open a new file in your photo editing program the size of your tile.

3. Design your LO/Artwork for your tile

4. Print on matte photo paper (You can use tissue paper too, but I was afraid to try it)

5. trim the edges of your printed piece

6. ModPodge it to your tile, I like to paint the modpodge to the tile a little bit at a time and smooth it down real good to prevent bubbles. If you get a bubble here is a trick, I have a little Baker's Roller from Pampered Chef (I sell PC) The small side works great for smoothing out the bubbles. I’m sure there is some sort of crafting tool that does this, but I’m a use what you’ve got type girl! Let it dry for about 15 minutes.

7. add more layers of Modpodge on top. Let each coat dry before you put on another coat. I know I hate to wait for drying time too, but if you don’t wait you will get bubbles. You can ink the edges too if you like that look, I did on my second one.

8. Display and enjoy Smile

I made two of them, this first one will be displayed at my daughter and nephews Graduation party this Friday.


The digi supplies I used were

I used the On The Grid Templates by, Creations by Julie
Other kits used...
365 Scrap Your Life by, GingerScraps Designers
Imaginarium by, Mandy Made.
Graduation Word Art by, Kathy Winters.
College Life by, Scrappy Cocoa.
Little Grads by, Ellie Lash (recolored).
Just Like Sean Alpha by, Scrapberry .

I made this one for my BFF. It has our boys on it Smile 

I used the kit Batter Batter Swing by, Connie Prince.


Try one of your own! it’s really fun and turns out great. You could even use regular Scrapping paper if you are not a digi person Smile

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