Thursday, February 3, 2011

Family Photo Holder with Scrabble Tiles!

Today I pretty much cleaned the house all day. Even the boys room, that is always a real fun time. LOL. Travis and his Ninja helped me, so that was nice Smile.

The house look nice and tidy and I felt the need to do some crafting. I pulled out some stuff I had laying around. I was looking for my Scrabble Tile stash to make a pendant. Then inspiration struck, well the Noggin channel that Travis was watching kind of helped. They are singing this “Family” song. “When your in my heart, your in my Family” lalala. The scrabble tiles, the song. They go together. So, time to make a mess.

These are the items I used in my little project today. I made the little heart real quick, oh and I used my trusty glue gun too.


Here is my cute little “Scrabble Tile Family Photo Holder.”


I put another felt heart I had made on another crafty day in one of the clothespins since it’s so cute for Valentines Day!

What do you think! Makes you want to go tear apart your scrabble game doesn’t it. Smile I have 2 Scrabble games. I don’t play Scrabble, just buy them at Thrift Stores for crafty projects Smile.

Oh and then, after I cleaned some more. I made these Yummy Smore’s Cups with my new Pampered Chef Mini Muffin Pan. I love this pan! I have been making the cutest little treats with it! I’m loving all my new Pampered Chef kitchen tools and gadgets. I made dinner last night and used my Food Chopper, Ultimate Madoline, and Stone Bar Pan! I made the Chicken Broccoli Braid. It is delish!

Check these yummy bits of goodness out. MMmmm. Of course I shared with my sister. Smore’s are her Fave! Smile


Oh and Happy Ground Hog Day! Well, Yesterday was Ground Hog Day! An early spring is what Mr.Groundhog says! I hope he is right! I’m sick of winter. My toes are cold!


Talk to you soon!


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