Friday, January 28, 2011

Woot Woot, Week 5 Freebie!

Week 4 is done! I even finished my LO today! Dang that was fast this week. You guys would laugh if you saw all the chaos around me and I’m just scrapping away. At the moment there are 4 teenagers and a 6 year old who thinks he is a teenager playing wii in my living room. No I don’t have a nice quiet little computer room. My computer is right in the living room! LOL. We are one big, loud family. Ha ha!

I did have a good week though. My Pampered Chef business is off to a running start! My opening show total sales were $1,267.00! Crazy-ness! That will be some nice extra money to help out my broke-ness  LOL. It’s a lot of fun so far. Smile Here is my LO for my week.

This week I used 365 paper by GingerScraps.
Elements from
Fresh Baked by the GingerScraps Designers.
Felt camera, Days of the Week Labels, 365 Template and Week 4 Border frame by, Creations by Julie.

Let’s get right to this week 5 freebie! Your next border frame is ready! Hope your enjoying them!


You can DL Here from 4 shared. Take those pictures! I’m off to cuddle in my warm bed with 2 cute little boys and one cute guy Smile

Scrap Happy!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentines Day Cootie Catcher!

OK, I Love Valentines day. It’s just such a sweet holiday. I’m having lot’s of fun this year since Tyler is in Kindergarten. I haven’t really made Valentines for a few years since Kayla and Chris are in High School. So, yea! This year I wanted to make something fun for Ty’s Kindergarten class. I put on my thinking cap and this is what I came up with.

A Pirate/Valentine Cootie Catcher! Remember those! I loved them! I made one up for a sample and Ty loves it. He can’t wait to give them to his class. Now I just have to print and fold about 20 more Smile. Here it is.

I used the digital scrapbooking kit called Say No to Piracy it was designed by Mandy Made, Pretty in Green and Wyld Web Designs.  All at GingerScraps! Perfect for some little boy Valentines! Check out the fun sayings on the inside of my Cootie Catcher. “You arrrr my first mate”. Arrrr, I’m hooked on you”. Etc. Etc. So fun! Tyler and I have been playing with it. He cracks up every time we read his “fortune.”

You can get the Cootie Catcher Template in my shop at GingerScraps. Creations by Julie Smile That’s me!

You can use your Digi Scrapbooking supplies or even Traditional Scrapbooking supplies and make your own Cootie Catcher! It’s super fun! Coming up with the saying to put on the inside is the super fun part!

Have a scrap happy day!


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week 3 and Week 4 Freebie!

Last night was fabulous. Lot’s of fun and good friends over for my Pampered Chef opening show. It was a good time. Today is Football, Football, Football! I’m scrapping a bit too Smile

I did finish my Week 3 Lo and it’s time to share.

This week I used 365 papers by GingerScraps.
Elements from the kits Dot Dot DAsh by
TTOMJ, Fresh Baked by the GingerScraps designers, Comical by, Amy Sumral.
365 Template, File Tabs, and Feltie elements by, Creations by Julie, Me Smile

I love looking back at my weekly LOs. Such a great way to remember the highlights of our weeks!

I’m sure you are ready for your freebie. Well, it’s ready for you!


Download it HERE from 4shared. Enjoy your Sunday!

Scrap Happy!


Friday, January 21, 2011

Fresh Baked Friday and a Freebie!

Is it Friday already?! What a week. Let’s just get right to the goodies shall we! I’m thinking Valentines Day here. Something about Valentines Day, it’s so cute. All the pink and red and hearts. I love it. Lookie what I have for you today! It’s a 2 for 1 Smile

Mini heart album tutorial and template, Plus bonus Greeting card template.

With this one purchase you get a full step by step tutorial to make a heart mini album, plus the digital template for that mini album!*Just follow the step by step tutorial and you will have an adorable mini heart album by Creations by Julie! Perfect for Valentines Day, or any day!*As a bonus you will get a template for a Heart shaped greeting card! 2 for 1!**You will have a gift and a card all made up for someone you love!

Here is the mini album I made**with matching card. I used the kit PS I Love You by, Scrappy Cocoa at GingerScraps.



Look what Miss and Sarah and Laura did with the template. Here is Sarah’s cutie.

Here is Missi’s cutie.

And here is Laura’s cutie. I’m so glad Laura is back. She has been with us at GingerScraps since the beginning CafĂ© Mom days! She took a year off to attend the Paul Mitchel Hair Academy! She graduates in Feb and is back with us now! Yea Laura!


That is not all I have for you, there is more! I Love u Felties!

I have pulled out the felt and needle and thread and made some adorable little felties for Valentines Day! I Love Hearts! They are all hand made by me. With felt, beads, buttons hand stitched with love.

Perfect to add to the LOs of the ones your love. Use them on cards or other hybrid projects.

For Personal and Creative Use, yep, Creative Use too! These can be used in your design projects also!

Now it’s time, the time you have been waiting for, LOL, Freebie Time! Yea!

I used some scrabble tiles and one of my Heart Felties to make this free Word Art. Smile I hope you enjoy it!

You can grab it HERE in the GS Store or HERE from 4shared.

Well friends, you have a great Friday! I have a busy, busy weekend. I am taking on yet another “job”. I am now a pampered Chef consultant! My Grand opening show is this Saturday! I’m super excited about it. Hey, what’s not to love about another fun way to make a little extra money while cooking for your friends and having a girls night out! Now I’m a mom, a Wife, a digi designer, a photographer and a pampered Chef consultant! Fun!

Enjoy your Freebie!


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week 2 with a Week 3 Freebie

H E L L O! Today was my Bffs Birthday! What fun! Just came home and now am ready to give you a freebie! Yea me! But first here is my week 2 LO! 2011 Here we come!

This week I used 365 papers by Gingerscraps.
365 template, day tabs, word art and felt elements by Creations by Julie.
Some elements from Fresh Baked a GS collab and Reading Time by, Scrappy cocoa.

And of course your freebie Smile


I hope your enjoying your weekend! We are having a nice  3 day weekend here! But tomorrow, I have to clean up that room, yes I still have to clean it! LOL. That tornado mess is still there!  DL Your Freebie here! Scrap Happy!


Friday, January 14, 2011

Felties and Freebie!!

Today is Friday! Fresh Baked day! My favorite day at GingerScraps! I hope you had fun last week with my Cootie Catcher. I had lots of fun. I have something really special for you today. I have been working on this for a while and it is finally ready. I pulled out the felt and needle and thread and made these for you Smile Say Cheese In Felt!

Say Cheese! Here are some Hand Made felties! We are all camera crazy! I pulled out the felt and needle and thread and made these cute little felties perfect for your Scrapbook pages. Who doesn't some adorable little felt cameras! I know I do. There is a little mouse and his cheese for those "Say Cheese" moments. A little birdie for "Watch the Birdie" Of course a felt Polaroid frame and an SD card! Don't forget those "Word Bubbles" with hand written little phrases and blank to add your own phrase. Of course these are all Personal and even Creative Use for all your scrapping and designing needs!
includes slr camera front and back, use the back as a frame!
pink camera
red camera
polaroid frame
word bubbles 2 blank 2 with words
sd card

They are 25% off this weekend! You know you want these!

Of course, I do have a freebie for you too. Some word art that would go perfectly with these felties!


I even added a little piece of flair to the word art. So, give me a big Smile and go DL your Freebie.

I hope you enjoy your freebie and felties. Have a great Friday. On my to do list today is to clean up after the tornado that went thru my boys room, dang those tornados! I think I will take before and after pictures. LOL. Scrap Happy!


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Week 1 2011!

Yep, I’m at it again! Scrap your life 365 2011! Week one, done! Woot, Woot! It was a pretty crazy week, 1st week of the year, and my Dad had a heart attack! He is doing great though, the DRs. put in 5 stints! He is feeling better than he did before. he was living on one artery as 2 of the main 3 arteries were 100 and 90% blocked! He is very lucky! He was smart to have listened to his body and not ignore the symptoms he was feeling, or it would have been much worse. He is home now and doing awesome! It’s been sunny all week and Hubs and the little guys and I are trying to get in shape by taking a nice brisk walk/ride each day. It’s been a challenge for Hubs with his lung condition, but he is trying his hardest. We get home and he has to rest for an hour or 2, but we try Smile And OMGosh! We went to the Grocery Outlet to get some groceries and we found a 7 piece bed set for $21.95! Nice!

This week I used Scrap Your Life 365 Papers by, GingerScraps.
365 Template #1, Week 1 border frame, My Daily Life word art by, Creations by Julie. (Get the weekly border frames free here on my blog each week)
Elements by Britt.

I know last week I said I was making my pictures with square corners this year, well I changed my mind! LOL! I just love these rounded corners on the 365 Templates too much I guess. LOL.  I’m super excited there are lots of new ladies joining the GingerScraps Scrap Your life 365/52 Challenge this year! It’s awesome!

Time to start your Week 2 LO! Here is your freebie! DL from 4shared here.


Enjoy your freebie!

Scrap Happy!


Friday, January 7, 2011

I Have Something Fun for You Today!

It’s Friday! Fresh Baked Day at GingerScraps. Man, I love Fresh Baked Friday! So many goodies to play with! When you were a kid, didn’t you just love making those paper Cootie Catchers or Fortune Tellers? I loved them! You put cute little messages in them and it was all up to the color and number you chose to see what you message was. Gosh, so much fun!

Well, I still love making those cute little Cootie Catchers, so why not do it up Hybrid! Get out those digi kits and make some Cootie Catchers gone wild! Can you imagine all the kits you have that would make such cool Cootie Catchers?!

So, I designed a little template for you! Now you can make the Cootie Catchers you only dreamed of when you were a kid making them out of your binder paper! Just cut and fold on the lines!

Yep, it sure is! A Cootie Catcher Template! Imagine! What a cute Birthday card this would make! How about an invitation! Or a get well card! OMGosh! I’m going to make Valentine ones for all the kids in my sons Kindergarten class! What a hit that will be!

Oh and how about this, maybe this Chore Fortune Teller will make the kids think chores are fun, I can hope right! Behind each number is a chore Smile 

The kit I used for this was perfect! Pretty in Green Mommy’s Helper.

This one is perfect for your little Love Bug, the word art in this kit by Unforgettable Moments was perfect. Behind each number is a bit of Amy’s Word Art form Love Bug. Behind #3 it says Cute as a Bug. #5 says 100% huggable. My little guys love this one Smile

You can tell I’m having way too much fun. Grab the Cootie Catcher Template right now! It’s 25% off! $1.50 through the weekend! Grab it up and make some for Valentines Day!

Oh and how about a FREEBIE Smile Since I feel like playing all day, I made you this little bit of Word Art!


You know you wanna “Come play with me” Well, really I have to clean my kitchen and finish putting away my Christmas Decorations, LOL! But, after I do my “chores” I’m gonna go play some more! DL the Freebie HERE from 4shared. I hope you have some time to play today!

Scrap Happy!  Love,


Monday, January 3, 2011

Week 52, yes I did it, and a Week 1 Freebie!

For those of you who have been following along, yes, I finished my 365 Scrap Your Life Project for 2010. And, yes, I have started my LO for Week 1 2011. I just wanted to share that final LO for 2010. Here it is.

This week I used Doodle borders, and Happy New Year kit by, GingerScraps.
Days of the week file tabs and 365 template by,
Creations by Julie.
Days Brads by,
Statements by Jodi.
Snowboard in Shred by
Scrappy cocoa.

So, the final LO, now to send my last few pages off to Persnickety Prints for printing! Yea! 10% off when I use the code GingerScraps! (Use this code you will get 10% off too)

So, now it is time to start the 2011 Scrap Your Life Project. I am hosting the GingerScraps 365/52 Scrap Your Life Challenge again. As some of you already know Smile. I have 1 freebie already posted for 2011, make sure you scroll down and get the Intro Page Freebie!

Last year I made a template per week for all you 365 junkies. I loved using the templates myself too. LOL. It made the 365 project so much easier to keep up on. No trying to figure out where to put the picture each day. Just drop it in the template. I was getting ready to start my Week 1 LO for 2011 and thought, I really want to use the templates again this year. So, I decided to just change them up a bit. I have had rounded corners on my photos for my last 2 365 projects, 2009 and 2010. This year I want regular corners, so I am just using the cookie cutter tool and taking the rounded corners off of the photo layers in my templates. Yea! Now I can use them all over again and have a totally different look. That was a lot of work designing 52 matching templates! Girl, I’m going to get my use out of them! If you love templates and want to make your 365 LO a snap you can find them in my store at GingerScraps.

So, here I am last night working on my Week 1 Lo for 2011. Changing it up a little from last year. Having some scrapping fun, in a quiet house all the rush of Christmas, Birthday, New Years, Company over. I am making a frame all around my LO that says Week 1. Hmmm, kinda cute, I bet some of these other 365/52ers would like to have this for their weekly LOs. Hmmm, a new weekly freebie. So, be ready. I have a new weekly freebie for the year! Here is the very first one!


Next week you will see it in use on my Week 1 LO! It looks so darn cute too. So grab it for your weekly LO. And come back each week for the next one! One more thing, you REALLY should join us in the Forum for the Scrap Your Life Challenge this year. If you were with us last year you know, it’s makes the world of difference to have a place to gain inspiration and the support of others 365/52 scrapers! We love to Ohh and Ahh over each others LOs. Love to see, “hmmm, wonder what she took pictures of this week”.  “Look how much her kids have grown this year.”  “Ahh, her baby took her first steps.”  “Look at all the weight she is loosing.” “Her son graduated high school.”  “Look at her cute new doggie.” We are one big 365/52 family Smile Plus, as you post your LOs in any of the GingerScraps challenges you have the chance to win a Gift Certificate to the Store. Yea!

So, we’ll see you there, tell them Julie sent you. Smile Now go and grab your Freebie HERE.  Get out that camera and capture those memories!

Scrap Happy


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