Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Keep it Real # 13

Wow…blogging…what an idea…hmmm…how fun that would be…do you all miss me, or have you just moved on to another fabulous blog because I am never sitting down and posting any more? LOL! Well, today it is Tuesday! Let’s keep it real! I am just plain busy! That is what it is! I think this will be one of those post’s that I start…get up make tea…type a bit..get up…get Ty ready for school…type…make snack for school…If I don’t just get it done it will be 10pm and I will remember, oh ya, I was blogging this morning…hahahaha. So let me just share some pictures of what I do with my time :)
Tyler’s performing art class…now Travis is taking it too…so cute.
Coupon clipping and saving money! I save $156.00 on my last Grocery shopping trip.
Mighty Mite Football…my son Tyler’s team..so fun…lot’s of paperwork to deal with as secretary but so fun!
And of course JV football..Team Mom…that’s me! I love it. So fun and so awesome to watch these boys grow up.

Of course…we have to feed these JV boys.

And of course I have to have cute fingernails while I do all of this, so nail painting time must be put in there somewhere!
I did go on a laundry folding strike…It is just not my jobs anymore. I do everything else in the house gladly…but folding the laundry, that is now my husbands job. I just wash it dry it and dump it on the couch…the whole couch was covered, like you really could not sit anywhere..but nope I didn’t fold it. The rest of the house was all clean around the couch covered in laundry. When people come over I just tell them sorry about the laundry, it’s not my job anymore.
My husband got lucky though…

Some of Christopher’s friends came over for me to paint their nails…and it turned into a laundry folding party! hahaha. What nice teenagers!
Oh and it was my b-day :) It was a fabulous day. I felt very special. It was Friday night football and I showed up to the game and was walking around like miss America with flowers from JV kids and parents.
Then on Saturday…
My friend Kerry and daughter Kayla threw me a surprise B-day party! Toga’s and all! I walked in what was supposed to be a family dinner and bam! Surprise! They swept me into Kayla’s room put a toga and me and some gold makeup and what a fun night! I really did feel like a queen. It was fabulous :)I love my “people”
But, now it is Tuesday…Tyler is out of the shower now, Steve is driving Chris to school…Tyler is still in his towel..he does not want to get dressed, oh getting this child ready for school is not fun in the mornings. I must go I am working at the book fair today! Now that my friend jen got me into the ptc…oh Jen…what did you do to me :)
I do it all for my kids! And they are worth it all!
So, who want’s to keep it real with me!? Let your blogger friends and real friends see the “real stuff” Keep it real with me! Post your “real stuff” on your blog and share it with me. It can be anything! Talk about whatever you want! I’m going to try to do this every Tuesday and I would love to have lot’s of you posting your links!
Us ladies need to stick together! Lift each other up! We are all in this together! I dare you!! Be Real! My
first K.I.R. was about Laundry eww..the second about keeping kids busy. I talked about "SLEEP" Then I shared my love of kids cereal, and watching my daughter Grow Up. I'm loving all the posts of all of the “real” ladies who are joining me! Let’s keep this going! I love hearing your stories! You can read all of the previous K.i.r. moments from me and tons of other fabulous ladies in my Home and Beauty tab up above. keep the posts coming! I love them all!
It's a get Real linky party! It's easy just post a link to your "Real" blog post.
Here are the rules. 1. Just click on the link that says You are next, click here to enter. 2. Add a link to your 'real" blog post, not your main blog but the actual post. 3. Encourage your bloggy friends to join us. 4. Link my blog/linky party in your post.



Elle The Heiress said...

It sounds like you have been super busy, and have been having lots of fun!

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