Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Keep it Real # 6 Summer Fun

Time for Keep it Real # 6…Yes, it’s Tuesday…OMGosh, It’s Tuesday already? That was me this morning! What am I gonna post for keep it real! I am having way to much fun in this beautiful summer weather to sit and blog! hahaha! Yesterday I sat at the computer for a little bit, but I just couldn’t sit still, I wanted to go play outside. So, I took the boys to the skate park! Then we had a hamburger and some ice cream! We had to head home so my 15 year old son could get to jv football practice…yes, they have practice during summer.
There was a keep it real moment on the way home…3 boys in the back seat all want to play games on my phone, Travis (He’s almost 4) didn’t want to wait his turn. So, I said if you are gonna throw a fit and kick my seat, you get no turn, well, he complained and whined all the way home..annoying! haha.
So, he took a much needed nap (I took a little nap too) I go up and finally finished cleaning up the rest of the mess from the graduation party we had on Fri night…lol. I sat down at the computer again. But, decided to take a bike ride to the little park down the street instead! lol! Biking is way more fun than blogging in summer! But, man this bike is a boy bike and my #$%&* hurts now! hahaha I think I need a nice comfy bike seat! One made for a lady
The boys played ninja and the playground was their ninja ship, tyler had some socks tied around his bike handle (don’t ask) and those were the ninja weapons! So funny. Oh and Ty made it all the way across the monkey bars! Whhoot! I love summer.
We are just going through our summer fun list and checking stuff off! Tyler loves it, he has me read it to him everyday. then he picks what we should do. It’s so cute.
Saturday we did our first thing on the list, Ty picked skate park #25. Now he wants to be a professional BMX rider when he grows up.
After we got home from the skate park Travis decide he was done with training wheels..finally! Yea!
Sunday night Chris, Tyler, Travis and I rode all the way to the sports lounge to get Shirley temples. The funny thing is that the boys were like Mom, Chris (15) is taking us on a bike ride. You wanna come? You can ride the green bike. So, I said ok! Sounds like fun! I got on the green bike and we took off. Ty and Travis were like, Wow, Mom, you can ride that bike good. Hmmm…I guess I haven’t been on a bike in a while..hahaha, they don’t remember! lol! It was a super fun ride. We took the golf course path. I stuck with Travis and he was like “You can do it Mom.” So, cute, the kid who just learned how to ride on 2 wheels is my personal trainer! The sports lounge was closed :(. Next time we better leave earlier! Oh and I’m going to town to get a girl seat today! My lady parts can’t take it!
So, I’m babbling, but there is a point! If you miss me around here for the next few months, just remember. It is summer and I am having way to much fun! I will have to be on the computer to get my work done…but other that that, we will be out having fun. This is my Keep it real thought for the day! Go have some REAL fun! Yea!
So, who want’s to keep it real with me!? Let your blogger friends and real friends see the “real stuff” Keep it real with me! Post your “real stuff” on your blog and share it with me. It can be anything! Talk about whatever you want! I’m going to try to do this every Tuesday and I would love to have lot’s of you posting your links!
Us ladies need to stick together! Lift each other up! We are all in this together! I dare you!! Be Real! My
first K.I.R. was about Laundry eww..the second about keeping kids busy. I talked about "SLEEP" Then I shared my love of kids cereal, and watching my daughter Grow Up. I'm loving all the posts of all of the “real” ladies who are joining me! Let’s keep this going! I love hearing your stories!
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GingerScraps said...

So cute!! Can't wait to see trav with his big boy bike :)
Start watching yard sales for me, I want a bike. But we gonna need to find one big o' seat for mine ;) hehe

Sarah said...

Ethan's making that step to big boy bike and I don't want him to, LOL!

Looks like SO much fun though!

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