Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Keep it Real #4

OK, today is Tuesday but it feels like Monday. It was a nice long weekend, we had a a little bbq, kids went to the pool, hubs and I finally got new tires put on our jeep. Dude, they were ready to go! Those tires were getting bald! lol! But who has the money just sitting around to get new tires…not us. we don’t use credit…at all. So, if we want or need something, we actually have to save up for it. lol.
so, how about a quick and silly keep it real post today? My kids are going to be up soon and then all the, “where’s my gray tank top”, and the famous, “Mom, where’s my backpack?” Me, “Where did you put it?” lol…We are so ready for summer!
So, what little piece of me am I going to show you  today…something silly I say..well..I eat kid cereal..lol..and yes, I let my kids eat it too. I’m sure some people think I am a bad mom, but, that’s ok..lol..I like it. It’s fun and sweet. Yes, I have friends who only buy organic, and “Healthy” cereal..I buy the healthy stuff too. I love a good bowl of frosted mini wheats..that’s healthy right? Smile 
lucky charms is one of travis’ favorites..yes, he love cheerios too, but a big ole bowl of lucky charms..mmm..sometimes you just gotta do it!
So, who want’s to keep it real with me!? Let your blogger friends and real friends see the “real stuff” Keep it real with me! Post your “real stuff” on your blog and share it with me.  It can be anything! I’m going to try to do this every Tuesday and I would love to have lot’s of you posting your links!
Us ladies need to stick together! Lift each other up! We are all in this together! I dare you!! Be Real! My
first K.I.R. was about Laundry eww..the second about keeping kids busy. Last week I talked about "SLEEP" I'm loving all the posts of all of the “real” ladies who are joining me! Let’s keep this going!
It's a get Real linky party! It's easy just post a link to your "Real" blog post.
Here are the rules. 1. Just click on the link that says You are next, click here to enter. 2. Add a link to your 'real" blog post, not your main blog but the actual post. 3. Encourage your bloggy friends to join us. 4. Link my blog/linky party in your post.


Jen Graham said...

LOL about the sugar cereal. My favorite was ALWAYS Frosted Flakes. Travis will NOT let us buy it at all. Le sigh.

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